Tier 4 students are entitled to work part-time in the UK during their studies. Your visa/BRP/conditions letter will clearly state the working hours permitted. It is the responsibility of you and your employer to ensure that you do not exceed these hours. If you do, you can both face serious penalties.

You can work full time (maximum 40 hours per week) during vacation time according to the University Semester Calendar. This does not include weeks when you may not have classes. If your programme operates outside the normal calendar dates please check with your Programme Leader for the vacation dates.

Working hours are calculated for a 7 day period beginning on a Monday.

Short Term Study visa holders are not allowed to work, paid or unpaid.

If you stop studying before completing your course you will no longer be entitled to work and will be in breach of your conditions of leave if found working.

See a VISA Advisor for more information on working during your studies. You can find further advice to protect your student visa status in our leaflet Protecting Your Student Visa Status 2019.  

You can also find further information and guidance for working and employment regulations on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.