Nationals of some countries (for a full list, click here) are required to register in person with the police within 7 days of arrival in the UK. It will clearly state “The holder is also required to register at once with the police” or"Register with police within seven days" on your entry clearance vignette/conditions letter/email whether you are required to do this, but if you are unsure, please contact us: or for GCU London: Be assured that the staff at the Police Station are very friendly and will accommodate any questions/concerns.

Police registration is only necessary if you are a national of one of the countries listed below and it is printed on your visa or letter. It is essential that you comply with this condition, as if you do not, then you are in breach of the UK's immigration laws. It is a criminal offence which make carry a fine of you may have your permission to stay shortened and you will have to leave the UK. You can also be stopped from getting on extending a UK visa in future..

Nationalities that usually need to register

Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Bolivia Brazil
China Colombia Cuba Egypt Georgia Iran Iraq Israel Jordan
Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Moldova Morocco North Korea Oman
Palestine Peru Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen      

If a person is subject to the police registration condition, this will normally be confirmed as follows:

  • For those travelling to the UK, the police registration condition will appear on their entry clearance vignette (visa) or conditions letter accompanying the vignette
  • For those applying from within the UK, the condition will either appear as a remark on their biometric residence permit (BRP), or, since 24 April 2016, it may be confirmed solely in the Home Office decision letter.

There may also be situations where the Home Office finds that a person has mistakenly not been made the subject of a requirement to register with the police. Where this has happened the Home Office will write to the person to notify them that they are required to register. In addition, this condition may be imposed by a Border Force Officer if the omission is picked up on the individual’s arrival in the UK.
Students must check their entry clearance vignette, BRP or Home Office decision letter to confirm whether they need to register with the police. If a student has not been notified of the registration requirement in these documents, they do not need to register with the police.