Visa Immigration Support and Advice

Welcome to the Glasgow Caledonian University international community 

The VISA Team are located in Level 1 of the George Moore Building. We are here a Professional Service dedicated to supporting you, international students and your families which studying at GCU. We specialise in visa and immigration advice and offer a check and post service for visa applications.

Our VISA advisors offer drop in sessions and pre-booked appointments to discuss any issues you may face during your international study at GCU.

Get Immigration and Visa Advice

The service is open:

  • Monday to Thursday 10.00am - 4.30pm
  • Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Visa Drop-In Sessions

Drop-in sessions are great opportunities to get quick answers to any general questions you may have and initial visa application advice including a personalised visa application checklist. There is no need to book in advance, simply register on arrival at the VISA Desk and you will be allocated a 10-minute slot with a VISA advisor.

  • Monday 2.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Friday 10.00am - 12.00pm

Please Note: Drop-In has been cancelled on Friday 2nd March and rescheduled for:

 Wednesday 28th February 10.00am - 12.00pm

Normal service will resume on Monday 5th March.

Check our Facebook page .For the latest updates on service times and news updates.

When to get VISA advice

The University is aware of visa processing delays for normal and priority UK visa applications. This is the busiest time of the year due to the volume of applications for new and returning international students studying in the UK therefore some visa applications are taking longer. You can check the UKVI Service Standard Times for processing visas in your country via

If you are concerned about the delays, please contact the VISA Team for support by emailing

Immigration and visa advice should be given only by the trained members of the VISA team. If you have been given guidance from anyone else, please verify this information with a member of the team.

  • Contact the team at least 90 days before your visa expires to begin the student visa application process
  • Submit your student VISA application to the VISA team at least 3 weeks before your visa expires
  • Attend a Drop-In Session first to receive your personalised visa checklist
  • When using our check and post service, make sure you have your online application log-in details, required documentation, payment method and photograph with you to the submission appointment
  • If you are applying with dependants, we need more time to check your forms and supporting documentation. Gather all of the required documents in advance and let us know the number of dependents listed when you book your submission appointment with us.

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

Please note: ATAS applications are taking at least 20 working days (4 calendar weeks) to process. We appreciate your patience and ask you to book well in advance. For more information visit ATAS.

Conditions of your VISA

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you have been issued the correct working conditions on your visa and to ensure that you adhere to the working conditions permitted on your visa, as well as all other conditions of your UK visa. If you would like to clarify your working allowance, require your visa to be amended to the correct working conditions or have any other visa and immigration related questions, please email VISA.

Visa extensions

Due to UKVI sponsor licence duties, GCU cannot issue a CAS to students who wish to extend their visa for graduation. If you wish to return to the UK for your graduation ceremony, you will need to apply as a Standard Visitor.

Scam warning

UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) has reported a telephone scam targeting international students. The intended victim will receive a phone call from someone who claims to work for the Home Office. The caller might say there is a problem with your immigration status or visa, and that you must pay a fine.

These calls may appear genuine, but you must remember that the UKVI will never ask that you pay money over the phone or through Western Union. Under no circumstances give your bank details, or personal information, to anyone over the phone. If you receive such a call, contact the police and VISA immediately. You may also wish to report it to Action Fraud. For more information on how to deal with this, visit the UKCISA website.