Faith for international students

In Scotland, there are people of many different religions and beliefs and, in Glasgow, there are places of worship dedicated to various world religions.

Glasgow Caledonian University has a variety of faith groups which you can join. If your faith is not represented, you can start a group of your own with the help and support of the Students’ Association.

International student are welcome to attend all events held in the centre, or hosted by our Chaplains.

Find out more about the Chaplaincy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Faith & Belief Centre

The University has a multi-faith centre on campus, located on level 0 of the William Harley Building. The centre provides a Chaplains office, where the University Chaplains can meet with students andoffer discussion and support. There is also an informal social area and quiet space for prayer and meditation.

For further information, or to make a booking, please email

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 8am-9pm
  • Friday: 8am-8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am-6pm

International Students

International Students are welcome to attend any event hosted by the University. Several of our Chaplains host events where International students are encouraged to attend and meet others in a friendly and informal environment.

FBC Taste of Scotland

Halal choice

Article from Caledonian Connected:

"The refectory is now extending the choice of Halal foods. Served at a special Halal counter, a choice of dishes will be available daily. These will include chicken, lamb and beef dishes as well as vegetarian options.

The service was developed following close collaboration with the International Students’ Society and CUMSA (Caledonian University Muslim Students’ Association). Halal refers to a specific way of preparing meat and is a valuable choice for Muslim staff and students."