International Life @ GCU


We want to make your time at GCU as enjoyable as possible. Any issues you experience whilst at GCU, we are here to help you. VISA staff are available every weekday either for appointments or drop-in sessions and can answer any questions and try to solve any problems you are having. You can also see Campus Life Advisors at the Campus Life Desk on Level 1 of the George Moore Building for any general enquiries.

We offer support through each of the stages. This section can offer information about certain areas regarding life at GCU.

Stay in touch with home

Moving away from home can be a difficult thing to do. We understand that leaving your friends and family at home and coming to study in a new country can be daunting, but don't worry! We are here to help you settle in when you first arrive. The VISA Team has computers equipped with Skype in the VISA Area of Level 1 of the George Moore Building so that you can contact your family at home when you arrive.

The EducationUK website has information about internet, phone and post in the UK.

Events and Social Trips for International Students

Whilst in Scotland we want you to make the most of your time here by meeting lots of new friends and experiencing Scottish culture.

For information on events and trips through GCU, please visit the following sites.

Photographs from events

 ISSS end of exam 2015

GCU students at End of Exams Pizza Party (above) and Day trip to the Kelpies (below)

ISSS Day trip to the Kelpies

Settling In

If you feel you are struggling to settle in Glasgow and would like to speak with a counsellor, GCU’s Positive Living Service is available for confidential appointments.

Find out about other Support Services at GCU.