Reading is a central academic activity: effective reading makes a significant difference to your ability to understand the engage with the literature and write effectively within your academic discipline. One way to become a better reader in English is to read regularly

  • Find books, magazines and articles in English about subjects that interest you in your own language
  • Don’t worry about understanding every word – it’s important to practise deducing meaning from surrounding information in the text.
  • If you’re waiting to start a course, contact the admissions tutor and ask for your course reading list from your department and start reading the core text. Ask the admissions tutor for advice about magazines and journals available online
  • Check your understanding of what you’ve read and practise writing by summarising a text after you’ve read it.

Reading is also an important way of extending your range of vocabulary in your discipline and your knowledge of grammatical structures. When reading texts in your subject, look for frequently used vocabulary items and make a note of them. Make a note of how they are used - is an adjective used with particular verbs or nouns? Is a verb used more often in an active or passive form? Use an Advanced Learner's English-English dictionary to understand the pronunciation, word stress, grammatical usage of new words.