Independent Language Study

Good English language skills are essential for success at university in the UK. At GCU the LDS provides academic and language support for international students, but good independent language learning habits will be your best guarantee of success both before you arrive and once you start your programme.

Developing your language skills

You cannot improve your language without a good grammar book and a dictionary.

  • Swan M, Practical English Usage, 3rd edition, OUP i's a comprehensive, and easy-to-use grammar reference book.
  • All the major English language dictionary companies publish both paper and free online learner's dictionaries. They provide lots of useful grammatical and vocabulary information about word and give examples of how words are used. The three dictionaries listed below are all free online. However the online versions are not as comprehensive as the paper dictionaries - we recommend you buy one of them
  • Language improvement requires time and regular work over time. Identify your areas of weakness and browse the websites on these pages to find material that meets your needs.
  • If you're not sure how to start, make an appointment to meet one of the EAP tutors in LDC (email EAP here) to identify areas of language weakness and discuss strategies for language improvement.