Welcome from the Dean

Veronica JamesWelcome to our new students, our existing students and our alumni, and to our astonishing doctoral students who combine their clinical and laboratory work with ensuring the evidence base for service improvement through clinical academic careers. 

Welcome to our users and carers, who contribute to our strategy development, our curriculum development and our research. You are our moral compass, ensuring that we are focusing on what we need to be.

Welcome to our partners in Social Services and the NHS – acute services, NHS 24, community, on Health Boards who work with us to ensure that the professionals of the future are learning best practice in delivering services to the rich and challenging diversity of human need, and who stretch our minds to the future of advancing practice and changing skill mix.

Welcome to our colleagues in voluntary and third sectors, who draw our attention to both the detail of human needs and sensitivies and who challenge us to think differently.

Welcome to our colleagues in commercial and social enterprise organisations, our colleagues in food and microbiology industries, who lead the way in innovation, responsiveness and problem solving.

Welcome to our international partners and friends in education, research and services, with special recognition to our long-standing colleagues in Bangladesh, China, India, and Oman. 

Welcome to our colleagues in the Scottish Ambulance Services Academy and to the members of the public who attend our Vision Clinic, both based here, at GCU Glasgow. 

Welcome, too, to our GCU London colleagues and students engaged in the Public Health: Community Action and Diabetes programmes.

And last, but far from being the least, welcome to the people of our public and professional communities across the breadth of Scotland, and in Glasgow and the Clyde. To our politicians who have to shape and influence the hard decisions, we want to work with you to answer the ‘Glasgow Question’, because if together we can answer that, we can improve health and well-being across the world.

Professor Veronica James
Pro Vice Chancellor, Executive Dean of the School of Health and Life Sciences