Student Events Intern

The Student Events Team is responsible for facilitating a programme of social and cultural events to the students at the university. This includes International Welcome Week and Freshers’ Week. You could become part of the team as the Student Events Intern.

This position runs for around 12 weeks and you would have a range of responsibilities, including; Conducting research and administration, event ideas, assisting with venue booking, acquiring events supplies, promoting events and provide hands-on support at the events.

This is the perfect opportunity to build up your C.V., Gain first-hand experience as well as gain insight and experience in event planning, coordination and management.

 Rachel Stakes - Student Events Intern 2017

"Working with the GCU Student Events Team was an incredible opportunity. I gained valuable experience I am confident will help me within the industry. During my time with the team I felt valued and was given various responsibilities I hadn't had in previous roles. I had to think on my feet and work hard however this made it even more rewarding. I highly recommend this internship and cannot thank the team enough for the fantastic time I had!"