"Taking part in the GCU mentoring programme provides students with an excellent opportunity to enhance their employability skills.

It allows them to gain valuable work experience, improves their time management and communication skills and it boosts their confidence in the process. Working with younger people and their families gives them the chance to try out how good they are at leading and inspiring others, listening to other people’s views and putting ideas into action – the very skills that employers are looking for.

Employability is more than presenting the ‘perfect’ CV. Enthusiasm and confidence in their ability to make a difference makes a GCU graduate with mentoring experience stand out from all the others. It’s the perfect start on the road to success."

Sabine McKinnon
Lecturer in Employability
Caledonian Academy



Are you interested in working as a Student Mentor?

GCU Outreach is looking for undergraduate students to work as student mentors on a variety of programmes such as: working with young people from local nursery, primary and secondary schools and their families; working with senior pupils and college students considering HE study; and supporting current GCU students on campus.

Student Mentors act as role models and GCU ambassadors, delivering a wide range of activities to increase the confidence, core skills and life-long learning aspirations of young people and help senior pupils and college students with the transition to GCU/Higher Education.

We are particularly (but not exclusively) interested in hearing from students who:

  • are second or third year GCU undergraduate students
  • are from School Connect (formerly SCETT), Caledonian Club or Advanced Higher Hub schools
  • have progressed to GCU following study at college
  • are from FOCUS West schools
  • are Care Leavers
  • are SWAP students 

As a Student Mentor, you would benefit from:

  • £8.45 per hour
  • Flexible working hours to fit around your studies
  • The opportunity to make a difference
  • Valuable work experience and the chance to utilise your subject area expertise and develop skills that will enhance your CV
  • The chance to meet and socialise with students from other departments
  • Eligibility to join GCU Student Leaders Programme
  • The opportunity to take part in the Common Good Award

Please note applications are now closed for 2017 and will re-open in September 2018. In the meantime if you have any quries, please contact: mentors@gcu.ac.uk