Student Mentors (Disability Team)

Student Mentors with the Disability Team help support fellow students with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

Opportunity to develop the following Common Good Attributes
Active and global citizenship
What’s involved?
Student Mentors work alongside Disability Team colleagues, helping to support and assess the needs of students with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. This may involve: • Meeting the student on a regular basis (usually at least weekly) and assisting them to review their progress and plan for the following week • Providing guidance and encouragement in the development and use of study skills to manage deadlines and prioritise tasks • Providing guidance and support in the understanding and application of skills in social communication • Facilitating the student's access to university facilities by accompanying them or helping to identify useful services e.g. the library, Students’ Association, leisure facilities and food outlets on campus, to increase confidence and independence
How will participating in this activity/opportunity allow students to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve?
Student Mentors assist their mentees to develop independent sustainable strategies which help overcome barriers arising from aspects of their autistic profile.
What are the benefits of taking part in this activity/opportunity for participating students?
Student Mentors will better understand the complex issues facing those students on the autism spectrum. They will gain experience of working in a student support role and the work of the Disability Team in the University.
Which School or department delivers/ supports this activity?
Disability Team
Which students can participate in this activity?
This opportunity would be suitable for PhD students as flexibility is required around working hours. This is paid employment and jobs are advertised on the Disability Team web pages when they become available.
Name: Disability Team
Department/School: Student Life
Telephone: 0141 273 1371
Other: @DT_GCU