Common Good Award

T‌he Common Good Award: The GCU Skills Award

Glasgow Caledonian is the University for the Common Good. Our mission is to make a positive difference to the communities we serve and this is at the heart of all we do.

The Common Good Award is a skills and personal development award which aims to encourage and support our students to develop the skills and attributes needed to make a positive difference. 

It provides a mechanism through which to promote, recognise and reward the informal learning you have gained through co- and extra-curricular activities (paid or unpaid), and where you have developed the GCU Common Good Attributes.


Further Information and Resources

The Common Good Award Handbook 2018-19 (pdf download)

Common Good Award Students

The Common Good Award Celebration Event 2018


The Common Good Attributes

Information on The Common Good Attributes and what we mean by each one can be found here.

Videos related to the Common Good Attributes:

NOTE: A quick note about the Entrepreneurial Mind-set attrribute. We do not expect anyone applying for this attrbute  to convince us that they will be the next Richard Branson or Bill Gates (although please don't let that stop you!). 

To gain this attribute, we want you to show us that you have been a problem-solver or a creative thinker in your Common Good activity - someone who is willing to take a chance on something new, or someone who is curious and willing to seek out the views and experiences of others, and prepared to take calculated risks if required. That is really all we are looking for!


Your Common Good Video: Digital Storytelling

When you have achieved all four attributes, we will ask you to upload a short video (3-5 minutes) to YouTube to apply for the full Common Good Award.   

A digital story is a story like any other, but the key difference is that it is made up of media such as text, images, animations, video clips, audio recordings, blogs, webpages etc. You can use some or all of these digital resources to create a video which will tell us all about your Common Good activity(ies) and most importantly, how this has made a positive difference to the individuals, groups or communities you have been working with. 

We have posted some links below which will give you  tips and techniques for your digital stories. As ever, if you have any queries, simply e-mail us at

- Digital storytelling Tips

- Using PowerPoint for digital storytelling

Example Digital Stories

Susan’s Story

Karen's Story

Special thanks to GCU students Susan and Karen from Occupational Therapy for their permission to use these clips.


Other useful links


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