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Name: Stuart Martin

Role: Student Events & Communications Officer

What's the best thing about your role at GCU? 

That's easy. Working with the students and meeting people from all around the world. I think I've got a place to crash in most countries!

If you could go back and study at university, what would you do differently?

I'd tell myself to savour the experience and appreciate it a bit more. It's all over so quickly. Before you know it, the big bad world awaits. 

What makes Glasgow such a unique city? 

The people! The Glaswegians are a rare breed and you won't find friendlier or funnier. I once saw a bus driver stop the bus, tell the passengers to "give him two wee minutes" and then help a struggling tourist into a hotel with all his luggage. 

Tell us something slightly weird about yourself?

I have an obsession with hand-cooked crisps - mainly Kettle Chips but I'm not fussy what brand. I once ate twelve 150g bags on a 28 hour bus journey from Stirling to the French Alps.

And finally, who is your favourite character in Game of Thrones and why?

Might surprise a few people but I'm a huge fan of Samwell Tarly. He's the unsung hero of the show and I always like rooting for the underdog.


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