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The first few months at university can be an exciting but nervous time and it can take time for new students to adjust to their environment. You could help a new student by taking part in our global buddies program. As a buddy you will work as a point of contact for a group of new student's, and be someone they can go to for help and advice. Once you have been assigned with a group of international students, you should contact them in advance to answer any questions they may have about coming to GCU. The main areas that you can offer your help to are:

  • Provide an understanding of the services that are provided by Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • Promoting relationships between home and international students.
  • Introduce them to UK culture.
  • Help them get to know the city.

In the past this program has worked on a one to one basis, however dure to the hight number of international students that are intrested in the prgram we are now working with groups. This means the new students get to meet not only our home students but also each other. As part of the group you may also have other home buddies this will all depent on how we feel you are matched after filling out the aplication form below. If you are interested in being paired with a group of international student as part of the global buddies program please fill out the application form and email it to

Download - Global Buddies Application form 2019