With the session starting in September, there is still time to ensure that students who are aged 16 and over have both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine before arriving on campus. The more people who are vaccinated against coronavirus, the better we can help reduce transmission.

If you have not yet received your vaccination or if you are arriving from outside the UK and wondering what to do, we can point you to local drop-in vaccination clinics in Glasgow where clinicians can give you the advice you need and offer the appropriate vaccine.  

We have also made plans for a vaccination bus to be on campus on Tuesday 21st September and Tuesday 28th September 2021.

We want our students to feel safe when they return to campus so we would like as many of you as possible to have both doses of the vaccine ahead of the new academic year.

Advice for UK based students

Students who are aged 16 and over are encouraged to attend a drop-in clinic to ensure you are vaccinated as soon as possible.

Details of available drop-in clinics in Glasgow and surrounding area

Students currently living in other parts of Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland are encouraged to check their local NHS board website for more information on drop-in clinics.

Advice for International students

We want to reassure our international students who are based overseas that they will be able to get their first (or second) dose of the vaccine when they arrive in UK and we will direct you to help that is available.

We also know some of you might be worried about quarantine arrangements and we are monitoring the situation closely, as we approach the start of Trimester A. We will share any new information with you as soon as we have it, including ways in which we can support you if you need to quarantine on arrival in the UK.