Online learning

GCU puts the student learning experience at the heart of everything that we do. On this part of our website we will provide you with resources and guidance on how to learn and study at GCU.

GCU Go is a set of resources that you can use to support you with your online learning through your learning journey. The resources are organised under headings to help you know what to access at different times within your learning journey, but of course everyone is individual and we understand that you may need different things at different times. So, please just treat the following headings as a guide. The two headings are:

  • Get prepared – Resources under the ‘get prepared’ heading should help you to get started with online and blended learning. You might want to start with these resources to help you get orientated.
  • Get engaged and get going – Resources under the ‘get engaged and get going’ heading should help you to engage with and make the most of online and blended learning as you progress through your learning experience.

GCU Go includes guides, resources and services that will help you to make the most of your online experiences in the following areas: