GCU Freshers’ provides platform to success for Learning Disability Nursing student

Wed, 10 Nov 2021 16:19:00 GMT
Zennor performed in September, as GCU welcomed new students on campus
Zennor performed in September, as GCU welcomed new students on campus

A GCU student has explained how performing at this year’s GCU Freshers’ helped her tick off a personal objective in her singing career. 

First year Learning Disability Nursing student Zennor Whittaker got the chance to take centre stage on campus in September –meaning she finally got the chance to land her first gig in Glasgow. 

Zennor said: “It was nice to be invited to play at Freshers’.  There was a really good vibe and it was fun to see a lot of new students all excited to start University. 

It was a small gig but it helped me get over that hurdle in my mind of ‘first gig in Glasgow’. That probably seems quite odd to some people but it’s just the way my brain works! I’m always setting little tick box goals and thinking, ‘nice you've done that now, so the rest will be easy!’, if that makes sense!" 

After initially discovering her passion from the comfort of her own home, Zennor progressed to performing at a number of live music venues in Aberdeen and has also started busking in more recent times.  

She said: I've always loved music. I remember sitting with a small collection of CD's and just listening to them over and over and just wanting so much to replicate it. 

I was about ten years old when I started off playing easy tunes on a Casio Keyboard but guitar was my favourite, even though I found it difficult at first. My brother was much better than me, which was a bit disheartening!  

From there, progressed quickly with classical piano but only actually started learning to play guitar and then sing about four of five years ago. 

Zennor added: I didn't always have the confidence to perform because I didn't really see myself as having much ability at all. It was actually after playing some open mics in Aberdeen, and getting positive feedback, I started to realise that actually, maybe I am able to do more than I thought.  

Performing has massively helped me with my self-confidence in general, so I always say people should just give it a go - even if it's just an open mic night with some friends!” 

As a fresher herself, Zennor recognises that being at University is going to be taking up a lot of her time, however that won’t halt her passion for performing. 

She explained: “I'm obviously studying Learning Disability Nursing, so I have to find that balance between my studies, music and my other interests. 

Short term I want to get out busking, so I don't have to get a contracted job while studying. Next on the list for solo stuff is playing some open mics and getting some gigs in venues across Glasgow 

I’ve also just started a band with some friends which is going to be sweet! It’s early stages but already really fun. I’ll be publicising that on Instagram when the time is right. 

You can keep up to date with Zennor on her personal Instagram. 

By Ross Clark           
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