GCU students unite to make a better future

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 16:19:00 GMT
GCU's Extinction Rebellion Society
GCU's Extinction Rebellion Society

GCU students are coming together to encourage others to help address the climate emergency and provide a space for like-minded individuals to share their hopes for the future.

The GCU Extinction Rebellion Society was created in March 2019 and last week held an introductory meeting for students interested in becoming a member.

International Marketing student and Society Coordinator, Martha Bytof explained what led to the creation of the group. She said: “At XR (Extinction Rebellion) events we noticed that it was mainly Glasgow and Strathclyde University students attending, so we felt it would be good to make sure our university also had a voice.

This was the ideal time to host another introductory meeting as students may have been aware of Go Green Week taking place and developed a new interest to show up and learn more about our society.”

Psychology student Tereza Poláková, who is also a member, encouraged other students to get involved.

She said: “XR started as a huge amount of people and now we’re breaking into smaller groups so that we can be more active, efficient and involve more individuals.

Some students might think that they have to be a specific type of person to join however, we want to let everyone know that all are welcome.”

Martha added: “It’s important as we share the same values and worries around the climate crisis. It’s great to have an open space to talk about our concerns and it’s the perfect place for students to find likeminded people.”

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By Ross Clark

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