Business Management students start up new consultancy society

Tue, 13 Oct 2020 16:19:00 BST
(From left to right) Sanna Walfridsson, Alex Gaus, Manon Forrester and Megan Smith
(From left to right) Sanna Walfridsson, Alex Gaus, Manon Forrester and Megan Smith

A group of Business Management students have teamed up to create a brand new society for 2020 – GCU Student Consultancy!

4th year Business Management students Alex Gaus, Sanna Walfridsson, Manon Forrester and Megan Smith have worked together to create a new society which focuses on business consultation  – a skill which is often asked for in job applications.

GCU Student Consultancy is one of over 100 clubs and societies operated by GCU Students’ Association at the University.  

Business Management student Alex Gaus discovered his interest in consultancy after having a discussion with his finance professor. He said: “After a conversation with a finance professor during my exchange, I did some research and discovered that consulting looks like an exciting industry.

However, employers often require applicants to have experience in the field, which I did not have. My idea was to create the society to gather students with a similar interest, who can discuss topics, improve their skills together, and help each other out.

 As a team, we are more likely to achieve this goal of becoming consultants and either way, we will take something away from our experience. GCUSC is a place for highly ambitious future leaders that will make the most out of their potential.”

He added: “We are 13+ members at the moment with our members figure steadily growing. We believe that the more members we are the more we can achieve.”

Despite being created recently, the society already has some objectives to ensure it can be successful long-term. Alex said: “Even though we are still in the phase of structuring a long-term successful society, we do have some goals already:

  • Increase member figures and engagement. 
  • For those looking for opportunities: Submit applications before deadline (e.g. graduate programs) in the next few weeks.
  • Acquiring relevant knowledge through guest speakers/experts, who can give us important advice.
  • End of Tri A/Tri B: Start to consult small local businesses and student start-ups.
  • Establish a long-term structure, e.g. by engaging younger students that can continue the society after we graduate

Find out more about GCU Student Consultancy here


By Rachael McAlonan

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