From Kenya to Glasgow – two sisters complete their GCU journey together

Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:19:00 BST
Tabitha and Grace then and now
Tabitha and Grace then and now

Two sisters from Kenya share such a bond that they followed each other across the world to study together at GCU!

Tabitha Nyariki moved to Glasgow from Kenya in 2017 to study Applied Psychology at GCU and after sharing her positive experience with her family back home, she inspired her sister Grace to take a leap of faith and join her at GCU.

Grace, who studies MSc Human Resource Management, explained that she was apprehensive at first to travel outside of her home country to study.

She said: “I was sceptical about coming to Europe because of racism and other issues, but Tabs told me that the experience she had at GCU was really good and people were friendly and basically that the learning experience was good so I thought okay fine at least there’s someone there that I know”.

My sister didn’t have any problems with racism issues and I was sold, I wanted to go and move over there.”

Tabitha explained the memorable first day they spent together in Glasgow as Grace didn’t believe her sisters claims that Scotland was the coldest place she’s visited.

She said: “I think she thought I had oversold how cold and windy Glasgow actually was.”

Grace added: “I came in January so it was really cold.

When Tabs was taking me out and showing me places the pavement was so slippery and I thought this is not for me!”

The girls initially lived with each other in Caledonian Court and they shared what it’s been like to share their university experience with a close family member.

Grace explained: “There’s always going to be a bit of sibling rivalry and you know we fight about stuff... but the best thing is always having someone there to talk to and share stuff with – you feel like you’re not alone.”

Tabitha said: “The best thing about having my sister around at uni is double printing credits! I’m always sending her stuff to print because she’s usually got more credit on her student card than I do.

It’s also good when you’re on campus and you need something done, like we can always pick stuff up for each other if one of us isn’t going to be around that day

The only downside about having my sister around is that I have to work harder. Because now, there’s someone who can tell your Mum and Dad if you’ve not been studying.

I used to be able to tell my Mum I was at the library when I wasn’t, but now that Grace is there I can’t lie - I actually have to be at the library”


By Rebecca Meechan
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