Digital Design student wins logo design challenge as part of ScotHELD workshop

Fri, 28 May 2021 16:19:00 BST
(Pictured Left to Right) Winning ScotHELD logo gallery & Student Catriona McDuff
(Pictured Left to Right) Winning ScotHELD logo gallery & Student Catriona McDuff

A final year Digital Design student created a winning logo design as part of a University workshop hosted by ScotHELD; a Scottish Higher Education learning development company.

Fourth year students from the Digital Design (Graphics) course had the opportunity to take part in a ScotHELD workshop, which asked students to develop a logo that could be used for the company branding.

ScotHELD are a Higher Education focused company, with the aims to enhance the student experience across all Scottish Higher Education institutions.

Fourth year Digital Design (Graphics) student Catriona McDuff impressed members of ScotHELD with her logo design and was chosen as the winner of the challenge.

We spoke to Catriona about taking part in the workshop:

Firstly, could you tell us a bit about what was involved in the ScotHELD workshop?

“For this workshop we were provided a short brief which entailed creating a new logo for the company.

We were given a very limited, open brief and allotted one hour to create our design and submit our work which would be passed on to the company; who would then decide if they liked any of the logos enough to use them for their brand.”

What was your idea behind the design?

“My idea behind the logo was to create a simplistic design which looked professional and would be easily recognizable in a range of formats and sizes. ScotHELD are Scottish Higher Education learning developers so I wanted to try and capture a sense of progression and forward movement in my design.

To do this, I made use of a clean Sans Serif font and incorporated a forward pointing arrow into the end design. To further emphasise the trustworthy and professional nature of the brand, a blue colour pallet was applied which also works in with the company’s Scottish background.”

Were there any challenges with this particular brief?

“A challenge I faced in this brief was creating a range of designs for the company to choose from which looked high quality in a short period of time. I started my process by taking ten minutes to create some quick hand drawn sketches.

This allowed me to develop good digital designs much quicker, as I already had a rough visualization of which designs would work and which would not.”

And finally, how do you feel knowing your logo was chosen as the final design?

“I was very pleased that client chose to go with my design as I really enjoyed the fast-paced nature of this project and feel that the design create was a good display of my professional abilities as a designer.

It was definitely a confidence boost to know someone I didn’t know personally felt that my work was to a high standard and wanted to use it as a representation of their brand.”

You can see more of Catriona’s design work on her online portfolio

By Rachael McAlonan

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