Multimedia Journalism student is offered exciting job with GCU’s Alumni team

Thu, 18 Nov 2021 16:19:00 GMT
(Pictured Above) 2nd year Multimedia Journalism student Rachel Gibson
(Pictured Above) 2nd year Multimedia Journalism student Rachel Gibson

GCU student has been offered a job to work with GCU’s Alumni team - where she will work for the rest of her time at GCU. 

Second year Multimedia Journalism student Rachel Gibson applied for the role of Alumni Engagement and Communications Assistant, which involves creating content and interviews with our talented GCU graduates. 

The role, which was open to GCU students, will give Rachel the chance to utilize her media and journalism skills that she has learned in her course so far. Rachel explained that she jumped at the chance to apply when she heard about the role. She said: “A lecturer actually sent out an email explaining that he heard that the Alumni team were looking to hire a student for the role, especially someone who is still studying at GCU and who will still be around for a while. I’ve been getting involved with activities around the University for some time now, so I thought why not apply! 

The job itself involves creating content and social media, which is something I enjoy doing so the idea of doing it as a job sounded great to me. 

She added: “In my interview for the job, they explained that I would be doing tasks such as interviewing Alumni, learning about their success stories and creating content around that. They’re really keen to use Zoom interviews in the future as well, and I’d be helping create the Alumni magazine which goes out to all Alumni graduates. 

Rachel was delighted to have been offered the role. She said: “I’m really happy, especially because I was told that the interviewees were very impressive and I knew a lot of really good students that applied.  

I was so shocked when I saw the email that I had been successful, because I knew the other candidates were so good. It was a great confidence boost! 

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By Rachael McAlonan    
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