GCU student makes big step to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 16:19:00 GMT
(Pictured above) Bethany Diamond alongside her grandad, who she is raising money in memory of
(Pictured above) Bethany Diamond alongside her grandad, who she is raising money in memory of

A GCU student is taking part in a 10,000 step challenge throughout November in order to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

3rd year International Business student Bethany Diamond has set herself the challenge to raise money for a cause close to her heart, after losing her grandad to pancreatic cancer in 2018. She said: “Pancreatic Cancer UK means a lot to me as my grandad sadly fought pancreatic cancer for just a few months in 2018.

I love doing any sort of fundraising for them as I know how terrible the survival rate of the disease is and I feel it’s so important to help them fundraise to find a cure for this horrible disease. Most people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only survive a few months, which was sadly the case for my grandad.”

Bethany has been enjoying the challenge so far. She said: “I decided to take part in the 10,000 step challenge this year as I did it last year and found it was a great way to raise money whilst also being easy to incorporate into everyday life, and it also helps keep me fit!

It’s a great challenge to get behind. My dad and I are also going to be (temporarily) dying our hair purple at some point this week as this is the charity’s colour.

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge so far as I say it helps encourage me to go walks more which is an added benefit especially with the cold nights being a good excuse not to exercise! My motivation is knowing that so many people are behind me on this, with so many of my friends and family having already made such generous donations and of course knowing that I could help people like my grandad.”

Bethany has already walked 81,692 steps and is very close to achieving her goal. You can donate to her fundraiser on her Just Giving page.

By Rachael McAlonan

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