GCU Netball team walk over 3,000 miles to help Glasgow-based charity to feed school children.

Wed, 30 Dec 2020 17:19:00 GMT
GCU Netball team together last year before COVID-19 restrictions.
GCU Netball team together last year before COVID-19 restrictions.

GCU’s Netball Team have teamed up to support Launch – a charity tackling food surplus and helping to feed kids in Glasgow.

Twenty-three girls from the team (which is one of close to 100 clubs and societies operated by GCU Students’ Association) will collectively walk the distance between GCU’s campuses in Glasgow and New York before the end of the year.

The students decided that as well as re-building a sense of community amongst the team - who have been unable to train together due to COVID-19 restrictions – they would also raise money for a local charity.

Final year Podiatry student and Club Captain Grace McCluney explained why the team chose this charity and the work they do for children in Glasgow.

She said; “We wanted to choose a charity that would benefit our local community, and with this being such a difficult time for people we started to research local charities.

Launch was suggested by team member Anna and it just seemed the perfect fit for us.

The charity work within Glasgow to provide free healthy nutritious meals to primary school aged children.

At the end of each school day 300 children are fed within various locations across Glasgow.

They are working within Glasgow’s most deprived communities in a way to avoid stigma that free food brings.

She added; “We understand how stressful things are at the minute with some people being off work and others on a reduced income due to furlough.

Launch have taken part of that stress away for families within Glasgow not just feeding children but giving them health nutritious meals.”

This year has challenged many of GCU’s clubs and societies who are used to meeting up to train, socialise, rehearse or study on a regular basis.

Grace explained how this challenge allowed the girls from GCU Netball to regain some connectivity and a sense of togetherness whilst The University still has measures in place to work from home.

She said; “We decided to do the walk because it gave our girls a reason to go outside every day to get their steps in.

With university being online and netball training cancelled it can be difficult to find reasons to go out and about.

Although we are raising money for Launch, this project gives our girls a sense of community and purpose in what can otherwise feel quite a lonely time.”

She added; “As this year’s club captain I am beyond proud of these girls.

I’ve been part of GCU Netball for four years now and they have honestly become my family away from home and my support circle now more than ever.

These girls work and train so hard every week on the court, although we don’t always win we always play with a true sporting attitude.

I believe this year, a year in which we can’t train or play netball like we normally do, shows these girls are so much more than a netball team.

They are always there for you and want to support not just our own players but our community, there’s a real team spirit both on and off the court.

I am so excited to see how much when can raise by the end of 2020 and couldn’t be more honoured to be donating this money to Launch.

We had set ourselves a target of raising £1000, which 2 weeks in we have already hit, so keep an eye on our socials for a push to raise even more money for Launch.

£1000 feeds 1000 children in Glasgow, that’s 1000 hungry tummies being fed thanks to everyone donating.”

To keep updated with GCU Netball’s fundraiser and to donate, visit their GoFundMe page.

By Rebecca Meechan.


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