GCU students step up for cancer charity

Fri, 27 Aug 2021 16:19:00 BST
Georgi helped get the team together via WhatsApp
Georgi helped get the team together via WhatsApp

GCU Radiotherapy and Oncology students have been embracing the outdoors to help raise funds for a cancer charity.

First and second year Undergraduates have teamed up to support Action Radiotherapy, who are dedicated to improving treatment by supporting both patients and professionals.

The dedicated group of 13 students are taking part in the charity’s, “Miles 4 Radiotherapy” challenge. 50 teams from across the UK have joined in the fun, with prizes available for biggest distance covered and most money raised between July and October.

Second year student Georgi Smith, explained why she got involved. She said: “I originally wanted to do it because I was keen to get a bit more exercise. I thought it might be fun if we reached out to all the other year groups on our programme and formed our own GCU team.

I worked with first year student, Jenny Walker, to set-up the WhatsApp group and get everyone involved. It’s basically just a case of doing whatever you can, whether that’s walking, rowing, swimming or cycling – anything that clocks up miles!”

Georgi added: “Personally, it’s been mainly walking for me. I was on placement when we started, so I was hitting about 10,000 steps each shift. I’ve also been getting back on my bike and doing some swimming as well.”

With just over a month left, the “GCU Radiotherapy Students” are currently sitting in 25th position out of 50. Georgi believes a good attitude and team spirit could see them soar up the table before the competition end at midnight on Sunday 3rd October.

She explained: “We’re actually quite a small group in comparison to the others – some of them have 60 or 70 people!”

When you see someone else in your group being active it makes you want to do your bit too – it’s definitely a team effort! Being involved has undoubtedly made me a lot more conscious about making sure I exercise, I’m constantly thinking about getting miles in.”

As well as the physical benefits, Georgi recognises the positive impact the challenge has had mentally for both herself and her team-mates.

She said: “It’s been good to encourage people to get outside, because everyone knows how beneficial exercise is for mental health. You do notice how much it helps getting out in the fresh-air, especially in the countryside. I know a few people have been out hill-walking and it’s helped clear their heads – it definitely keeps you bright!”

Georgi added: “I finally feel like I have a sense of purpose again! I think that’s personally one thing I was lacking after everything that’s happened recently with the pandemic.

It’s also so important to help other people and remember that kindness goes a long way.”

Feeling inspired? Donate to the team’s JustGiving page today!

By Ross Clark       
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