Rachael McAlonan - GCU Student Communications Team

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:53:00 BST
Rachael joined the team in 2018 and has since been involved in student events, campaigns and much more!
Rachael joined the team in 2018 and has since been involved in student events, campaigns and much more!

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Next up we have Student Communications and Engagement Assistant; Rachael McAlonan!

What’s your job role? 
Student Engagement and Communications Assistant (SCEBE & GSBS)

Your  favourite thing about working at GCU? 
It’s been said many times now, but I love getting to meet our students! GCU has some great people here and it’s so good getting to know them. Each student has their own story to tell and we have the fun job of sharing it!

That being said, I also love my team! Never thought I’d see the day where I’d enjoy coming to work each day but they’re one of the main reasons I love working here.

What did you study at University?
Media and Communications at GCU – class of 2018!

Where else have you worked? 
Oh, where to begin! Whilst I studied, I’ve worked in places like Amazon, Morrisons and even spent some time at Hollister – those were the days! Apart from that, my background is in journalism so I’ve worked for online magazines as a music reviewer, interned for the Royal Television Society and also worked for the STV Street Team. A varied career, shall we say!

When I’m not working you’ll usually find me… 
At the cinema! I’m a big film fan, so I’ve been taking advantage of the cinemas being opened again. You’ll also find me out walking my German Pointer/Weimaraner cross; Elvis!

If I could be an animal, I’d be…
Probably a deer; I’m quite easily startled and I’m quite a curious person!

An interesting fact about myself… 

I was once an extra for a Bollywood film! The film was set in the 80s so I had big hair and bright makeup, it was a good look for me.

I am yet to make my film debut as the movie release has been delayed due to the pandemic, but I hope 2021 will be my year!

Who’s your favourite musician/band to listen to on your work commute?

I listen to a wide range of music genres and bands, but recently I’ve been quite into Declan McKenna! His song “Key To Life on Earth” will always put me in a good mood to start my day.
You’ve got a chilled night in – what’s your go-to film and snack choice?

Tough question! My comfort film will always be La La Land – the soundtrack is amazing and I just love the overall cinematography. I’ve probably watched it 10 times!

My movie snack would either be crisps and a dip, or a bag of malteasers!

Recommendation time -  your top Glasgow restaurant and bar?

I’m a big fan of Spanish tapas, but my favourite in Glasgow has to be Café Andaluz! I’ve never been disappointed in the many times I have went, and their sangria is especially good!

My top bar is definitely Beir Halle! I’ve visited the bar for years and always get their Belgian peach beer, and they also do a 2 for 1 pizza deal which I definitely recommend as well!

This or that

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl!

Staycation or vacation?

I’ve loved staycations recently, but has to be a vacation

Dining out or cooking in? 

I love to cook but I’ll never turn down a meal out!

Outdoor festival or sweaty indoor gig?

Sweaty indoor gig

Chocolate or crisps? 

Very tough…but I’ll say crisps for now! (especially kettle crisps)

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