Social Work student shows caring side during coronavirus pandemic

Tue, 28 Apr 2020 16:19:00 BST
Mairead Logan has been balancing her studies while working five 12 hour shifts per week
Mairead Logan has been balancing her studies while working five 12 hour shifts per week

A GCU student is helping some of the most vulnerable in society by working 60 hours a week in her role as a care assistant.

Second year Social Work student Mairead Logan is combining her studies with her new job in the mental health unit at Lochside Manor Care Home, Bargeddie.

Mairead explained why she got involved and how she’s personally been addressing the challenge of coronavirus.

“I’ve always been interested in care and decided I wanted to get away from working in retail. This was a way for me to align my passion with my chosen career.

I had just started at the beginning of March, which was obviously when the pandemic arrived in Scotland.

We’re really short staffed just now but I’m more than happy to help out whenever I can because I realise it’s such a challenging time. I’m contracted to 22 hours per week; however I’m currently doing 12 hour shifts, five days a week.”

Mairead also believes that there are benefits to the challenges she’s faced in her time at the care home.

She explained: “It has definitely been difficult working in the mental health unit. The people I’m looking after are struggling to understand the whole situation and why their families and friends aren’t coming to see them.

There’s a lot of strain on us to try and keep them positive and to make sure they’re entertained with different activities.

On a more personal level, I still feel what I’m doing is really rewarding. I had no idea what area of social work I wanted to get involved with and this whole experience has opened my eyes to a future career in mental health.”

During the little time she has to herself, Mairead has been trying to focus on other things and admits university work has been a welcome distraction.

She said: “It might seem quite strange to a few people but I’ve actually really enjoyed listening to online lectures as it’s allowed me a bit of a break.

It’s challenging trying to fit the work in but I feel like it’s good to get my brain thinking about other stuff.”

Mairead added: “I’ve also been trying to go walks with my dog at the park next to my house, just to make sure I’m getting as much fresh air as possible.”

By Ross Clark

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