Physio student hits the road for Diabetes charity

Fri, 25 Sep 2020 16:19:00 BST
Lynsey has teamed up with friends to raise money for Diabetes UK
Lynsey has teamed up with friends to raise money for Diabetes UK

A GCU Student has been pounding the pavements between July and September to raise money for Diabetes UK.

Second year Physiotherapy student Lynsey Darrell joined forces with her friends by getting involved in the One Million Step Challenge.

She explained the personal and professional reasons behind what inspired her to get involved and take to the streets.

Lynsey said: “I work with the NHS staff bank and some our patients have diabetes as do a couple of my friends – I’m amazed at the amount of people that suffer from the disease.

My motivation was just to raise money to help find a cure if we can. I’ve fundraised for them before and decided to take on this challenge alongside two of my friends – but we’re doing one million steps each!

We’ve got a Facebook group and keep in touch with each other about how we’re getting on, so it’s been really nice. Between us we’ve raised over £200, so we’re really happy.”

Lynsey also spoke about the personal benefits of getting active during the difficult times we find ourselves living in.

She said: “It’s been really good to have something to focus on during the pandemic. I’ve not been in university since March, so I’ve been going a bit stir crazy!”

Lynsey added: “One million steps works out at about 10,000 per day, so it’s been a great motivation for me to get out and keep fit.

It’s helped clear my head and being a physio student, it’s important that I also try and be as active as possible. It can be hard sometimes when the weather isn’t great but you’ve just got to try and get on with it!

I started on July 1 and it’s to be completed by September 30 – so I’m nearly there.”


By Ross Clark
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