Learning Disability Nursing student on track for lifelong ambition

Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:19:00 BST
Lynne has been interested in motorsport from a young age
Lynne has been interested in motorsport from a young age

A GCU student is hoping to inspire other females while finding the route to success through an international driving competition. 

Lynne Jordan, who this month will start her journey as a Learning Disability Nursing student, is set to take part in Formula Women – which is designed to find the world’s best female motor racing talents. 

We caught up with Lynne to find out everything from her interest in cars through to being a role model for young women:

Tell us a bit more about Formula Women? 

“It’s basically a competition for females who love cars and motorsport. It’s based in the UK but there’s applicants from all over the world. You just need to be aged 17 or over with a driving license and have very little or no experience of racing.  

You receive online training and then get a track assessment day where they test your driving skills. The final 16 then race against each other to win the prize of taking part in the 2022 GT Cup in a McLaren GT4. 

There was actually a Formula Women competition back in 2004 but this is the first time that they’ve had it since thenWhen they held it 17 years ago, there were 16 female drivers in their own championship but it’ll be different this time around because it’s both male and females involved at the GT Cup.” 

How did you become interested in 
this opportunity?


I’ve always had a love of cars from when I was younger – I don’t actually know where that came from because nobody in my family even drove! I took a real interest during my teenage years. When friends were buying magazines and putting posters of their favourite band members on the wall, I was buying car magazines and cutting out my favourite cars 

I then met my husband twenty years ago and he liked motorsports and really got me into that side of it. I started going to events and just absolutely fell in love with it.” 

What’s the next steps from here? 

“There are quite a few things that have to be done. My track assessment is at Knockhill Racing Circuit in November but we also get a Go Karting assessment, fitness test and media training. There are also a couple of surprises that we don’t know about yet. It’s not just about driving ability because motorsport is a bit of everything.  

The fitness aspect might come as a surprise to some people but it’s hard-work! I was actually recently down at Silverstone on the simulators and it was tough going – and you’re not even driving the car! The mental side is also challenging because you need to have a healthy mind in order to keep focused. 

What appeals to you about the GT Cup and the chance to drive the McLaren GT4? 


“It’s a really nice car and people work their whole lives to get to the level of racing at that competition. Motorsport is a really expensive world too and I would never have an opportunity like this if it wasn’t for Formula Women.” 

Do competitions like this also help highlight that motorsports in general aren’t just for males? 


“That’s definitely one of the biggest things about it. It’s such a male-dominated sport but it is getting better. You’ve now got the W Series and there are a lot more females getting involved - this is a huge stepping stone for women. 

It’s so important for me to help inspire young girls and show them that your gender doesn’t need to stop you doing anything. 

The opportunity to race in the GT cup would obviously be incredible for you – would you want to take it further than that in the future? 

“I’d always want to be involved in the motorsport world, whether that be as a hobby or as a fan. This competition is already opening doors for me that I didn’t expect. Formula Women has given me the skills and tools to be involved in the years to come.  

I mentioned earlier that we have a Go Karting assessment - that was something I’d never done before. I went along to the track and by me approaching TeamSport Karting, they’ve invited me to their indoor British Championship. 

I also need to remember I have my nursing career ahead of me but I would still always want to be involved – whether it’s driving or playing my part in inspiring younger people to get involved.” 

You can find out more about Formula Women through their FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 


By Ross Clark  
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