Students produce short film about love and loss during lockdown

Fri, 03 Jul 2020 17:19:00 BST
Student cast and crew on set.
Student cast and crew on set.

A group of GCU students teamed up during their time in lockdown to produce a three-minute film depicting a love story during a time of extraordinary circumstances.

Mechanical Engineering PhD student Sreejith Suresh came together with Food Bioscience student Soumyalekha Anantha, International Operations and Supply Chain Management student Jithu Regi Puthookadan and Marketing student Denny Rajan to create a three-minute film capturing the story of a young couple’s relationship journey throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The group of students met through joining GCU Students’ Association societies and discovered a mutual passion for film and the arts.

The group wanted to use their spare time to create a movie that dealt with topics of anxiety, love and grief in a time where social normalities are limited.

Director Sreejith explained the groups motivation behind the project.

He said: “We have been passionate about the art of film making and also wished to create a video which scooped the beauty of the Glasgow city.
The spread of COVID was a big step down for us.
The practice of self-isolation had become depressing and frustrating and the urge to do something exciting, flared the passion in us to restart this project.”

The film premiered on YouTube by production house Goodwill Entertainments and received an abundance of positive feedback from the public.

Sreejith explained how the group were apprehensive about the audience’s reaction as this was a unique project none of them had worked on before.

He said: “We were both excited and anxious on the release of the video.
This is an experimental project for most of us, we were not really sure how the audience was going to accept it.
However, the viewers commented positively on both the technical and emotional elements of the video…we’ve even been requested to create a sequel!"

Casting assistant Jithu expressed how proud he was of himself and the other students for doing something so creative with their time during the current crisis.

He said: “I feel very proud of ourselves for being so productive during quarantine, rather than missing an opportunity.

Considering the fact that, this is the first time we all have been a part of short film project, we were very satisfied with the work we had showcased.

I personally consider this as a milestone towards our bigger dreams.”

Watch the full film here.


By Rebecca Meechan
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