STAR Awards recognition for supportive Business Management student

Fri, 14 May 2021 16:19:00 BST
Kelsie enjoyed working with students and her programme lead Julie Thomson
Kelsie enjoyed working with students and her programme lead Julie Thomson

A Business Management student has been recognised for her work in supporting others at the GCU Students’ Association’s STAR Awards. 

Final year student Kelsie Greggain was awarded Academic Rep of the Year on a blockbuster night of celebration, which saw 15 different winners across four separate categories. 

Kelsie was delighted to receive the recognition and believes it was the perfect way to finish up the academic year. 

She said: “It was actually quite overwhelming. You can’t nominate yourself for the award, so to find out that my classmates and lecturers nominated me was lovely but to actually go and win it was a really nice thing. It’s great to know that I’ve actually helped people during my time here.” 

Kelsie added: “It’s been a difficult year but I’ve also enjoyed it. This has definitely been a highlight and to know that I’ve actually been recognised is lovely because it makes me feel that I have actually achieved something over this year - other than just lying in my bed all day!” 

Despite her humble persona, Kelsie has worked tirelessly throughout the toughest of years to support students in her role as Class Rep and even forged a strong partnership with one GCU academic. 

She explained: “I make a point of reaching out to some of the students that I know have been struggling.  

It’s been nice to get the chance to speak to them and provide a bit of motivation when they’re finding things difficult. I’ve had a lot of feedback about how helpful it’s been and how they don’t feel as lonely 

I’ve also held online sessions offering support. Not a lot of people were coming along but it was a great way to again provide that motivation and support for those that needed it. All the different things I’ve done don’t feel like a lot to me but it appears to be impacting others - which is the most important thing. 

Kelsie added: “It’s also been amazing linking up with Business Management Programme Lead, Julie Thomson. If she knows a student is struggling then she passes on my details, it’s worked really well. 

I can’t stress enough how much Julie keeps me going. She’s always so quick with communication and getting back to me – it means I never feel alone as a class rep or student! It’s really made such a difference during what has been a challenging year working from home.” 

Having recently handed in her dissertation, Kelsie is now considering her future options and recently applied for a masters degree.  

She’s also keen to see other students follow in her footsteps and consider taking on the Class Rep role next year. 

Kelsie said: “I would say definitely go for it but try and make the most of the opportunity. One of the things I kept getting told was that it’ll look good on my CV without having to do that much work. I do get that, but you’re also in a position where you can make a difference. You’re in a place of power to reach out to students and also have proper discussions with the programme leaders.   

I think if you want to put yourself forward as a class rep then take it with the thought that you’re really going to make a difference.” 
Find out more about the STAR Awards winners on the GCU Students’ Association website. 

By Ross Clark   
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