'Inspiring Individual' Award is given to Paramedic Science Lecturer

Tue, 13 Jul 2021 18:12:00 BST
Keith Cameron (left) GCU Students' Association Teaching Awards logo (right)
Keith Cameron (left) GCU Students' Association Teaching Awards logo (right)

GCU Students' Association recently held their annual Teaching Awards – an event hosted to recognise GCU's outstanding learning and teaching staff.

The Teaching Awards gives students the chance to celebrate teaching and non-teaching staff who have made a positive impact on their learning experience.

Staff can be nominated for awards in six different categories, including the award for ‘Inspiring Individual’ for each school which lecturer Keith Cameron was awarded for in The School Of Health and Life Sciences.

Paramedic Science lecturer Keith explained how it felt to receive praise from his students and expressed how he is just as proud of the students he has supported over the past year.


Has being nominated for a Teaching Award impacted you in any way? If so, how?

Being nominated for a teaching award was a real boost following the year that everyone has experienced.

Winning the inspirational individual award for the School of Health and Life Science was a shock and an amazing honour in equal measures.

What means so much is that the nominations come from the students.

I believe that inspiring people is not something that is purely an academic endeavour, it means that I must have made a real impact and have the respect of my students.


What led you to being nominated for the ‘Inspiring Individual’ award?

To be honest, I am not sure what I have done to deserve this award.

I am a colourful person around the campus and I have amazing groups of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Seeing the developing confidence, knowledge and skills of the students has been a real privilege.

There have been so many challenges in the past year and I believe that there are times when individuals have struggles and need more dedicated support.

Ensuring the students feel part of something larger and are aware they are not alone.

While I have been recognised with this award, I know that the rest of my team have all been leading by example.


What has it been like working with students virtually this year as opposed to having on-campus seminars and tutorials?

Working virtually has been challenging, luckily we have had limited fact to face teaching for clinical skills.

Teaching without the immediate non-verbal feedback from the students has been difficult.

The hardest part of the virtual environment is not being in the office and having students drop in for a chat and a coffee - having those short informal chats that help to reduce uncertainty and anxiety.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for this recognition you have received from The Students Association?

I don't want this to sound like an Oscars speech but here I go...

I would like to thank anyone who nominated me for the award, I know it has been challenging for everyone.

My students are everything and I hope that whoever nominated me, would be as proud as I was to receive this honour.

I am proud of how every one of my students has continued to develop this year.

I said when I accepted this award that I do not see myself as inspirational, compared with people who have inspired me over the years - I am just who I am.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me; the amazing Paramedic Science team and the department as a whole, my friends who have kept me going and of course my family for putting up with me- thanks to you all.

The list of Teaching Award winners is available on the Students’ Association website


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