Student teams up with kids to raise funds for cancer charity

Thu, 19 Nov 2020 16:19:00 GMT
Jenny has been taking part in the challenge alongside her two kids
Jenny has been taking part in the challenge alongside her two kids

A GCU student is putting her time at home to good use by teaming up with her kids to raise funds for a cancer charity.

First year Radiotherapy and Oncology student Jenny Walker has flung herself into Bone Cancer Research Trust’s “2000 Burpees In November Challenge” and has already raised £170.

Jenny explained what led to her getting involved. She said: “I saw the challenge online and really liked the sound of it – there are about 9000 people taking part across the UK, so it’s quite a big deal.

I then looked into the charity and they do amazing work. Bone cancer is one of the most underfunded areas in cancer research and they rely heavily on donations to keep them going, so I just wanted to do my bit. It also made sense to get involved given the programme I’m studying and the fact I’m really into my fitness.”

Jenny, who is a keen swimmer, hasn’t been completing the challenge alone and insists it’s helping her through the difficult times we find ourselves living in.

She explained: “During everything that’s been going on I’ve been trying to find things to keep me active and motivated. This challenge has helped me mentally as it’s given me something to focus on.

I’ve been in lockdown with my three and four year old, so trying to keep them moving is difficult when they can’t get outside and get to the park. I’ve had them getting involved and they’re absolutely loving it – they’ve been dressing up in their superhero masks and everything!”

Despite being on the cusp of completing her 2000 burpees already, Jenny insists she’s going to keep on going for the rest of the month after witnessing significant personal progression.

She said: “I’ve not quite got my six pack yet but I’m definitely finding it easier as November progresses!

At the start, I was struggling to do 10 burpees but now I can do 45 in one set without any problems. I’ve been doing them at random times of the day – even when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil!”

Jenny added: “On World Radiography Day (8 November) I actually managed to do 400 but most of the time I’m doing between 130-150 per day.

I’m probably going to be finished in two or three days’ time but I’m going to keep up with it. I had set myself a target of £150 to raise and for every £1 over my target I’m doing an extra 10 burpees. I’ve now raised a total of £170 - so I think I’ll be doing them for a while yet!”

If you want Jenny to keep up her amazing work – you can donate through her fundraising page.

By Ross Clark
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