Construction Management graduate has dissertation published in international journal

Fri, 06 Nov 2020 16:19:00 GMT
(Pictured above) Construction Management graduate Rebecca MacKenzie
(Pictured above) Construction Management graduate Rebecca MacKenzie

A Construction Management student has impressed lecturers with her Honours dissertation – so much so that it has now been published!

Construction Management graduate Rebecca MacKenzie, who now works as a graduate site manager at Galliford Try, submitted her dissertation on “Social Media and the UK Housebuilding Industry” which was praised by her lecturers.

The impressive project was so good that her lecturers asked for it to be submitted to the International Journal of Housing Markets, under the new title “The UK Private Housebuilding sector: Social Media Perspectives”. After submitting the dissertation, the journal quickly accepted and it has since been published.

Rebecca was delighted that her dissertation has now been published. She said: “This was definitely something I never expected and was a very exciting moment.

I was so proud, to have completed my four year degree and to then be told my dissertation was potentially going to be published, I was ecstatic. I was shocked it was accepted so quickly, especially as my lecturer Dr Nigel Craig had warned me that these things can take a while.

This was a great achievement, not only for myself but for everyone involved.”

Understanding what is involved in submitting a published piece of research, Rebecca is going to use this knowledge to complete a PhD in the future. She said: “While I had already applied and accepted my job offer from Galliford Try, I hope in the future to undertake a PhD within the industry.

The transition from my dissertation to a publish document and the process involved, has highlighted the standards required and I hope to use this knowledge when the time comes for me to take on the challenge and achieve a PhD.”

Rebecca owes her thanks to the support of her lecturers throughout her degree. She said: “Publishing my dissertation and achieving my degree would not have been possible without the continuous support from DR Nigel Craig throughout all four years at university, but especially in my final year where he was assigned to be my dissertation advisor.

I am extremely grateful for his support and guidance and would also like to thank Nick Plicher and Chris Boothman, who were both involved in the publication of The UK Private Housebuilding sector: Social Media Perspectives article.”

The International Journal of Housing Markets can be found online

By Rachael McAlonan

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