Diagnostic imaging student shows hard work pays off with essay recognition

Mon, 30 Nov 2020 16:19:00 GMT
Hollie is looking at a similar topic in her for her dissertation
Hollie is looking at a similar topic in her for her dissertation

A GCU student’s coursework has been featured by a national society and has provided her with the inspiration for a potential future career in research.

Fourth year Diagnostic Imaging student Hollie O’Brien had her essay published by the Society of Radiographers’ Imaging and Therapy Practice magazine after being encouraged to submit it by lecturer Claire Currie.

The piece, titled “Adult obesity: could we all care more?” looked at improving staff attitudes and standards for bariatric patients in radiography.

Hollie described the inspiration behind the piece, which was part of her third year module “Imaging in Society”.

She said: “My interest in it came from the current situation with coronavirus. I’d heard a lot of things in the news about how obese and bariatric patients were badly affected by the pandemic and that led me to look into it from an imaging point of view.

I also looked at how students viewed patients suffering from obesity and how they felt about examining them. I know myself It can be a daunting experience because there can be challenges around finding anatomical landmarks. It’s not something you can really learn about in the classroom, it’s more about experiencing it on placement.”

Hollie added: “This is definitely the assignment I’ve enjoyed the most during my four years at GCU. I actually thought it was going to be difficult to write initially and then as soon as I looked up more literature my interest grew.

I developed it a bit more through working with Claire, who has been an amazing support. The two of us really got into it before it was submitted to Imaging & Therapy Practice.”

Hollie admits she was delighted to have her work published and is keen to explore research as a potential future career.

She explained: “I was obviously thrilled when they got back to me and said they found the paper interesting but I didn’t expect it to go any further than that. It’s just something I found really interesting and I never thought it would actually get published - it was really exciting.

Hollie added: “Working in research was something I’d actually never thought about when I started University but I would definitely consider it in future - especially since I’ve found something that I’m really interested in. I’m now looking at a similar area for my dissertation and I’m really excited to see what findings come out of it.”

BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Imaging lecturer Claire Currie explained the importance of Hollie’s work.

She said: “The essay reflects GCU values, the Common Good and highlights patient centred care. Publishing the essay also shows the relevance of the learning in the real world. I am proud of the extra effort Hollie committed to take this essay to publication, she has set a great example to her peers and I am delighted to help and support students to publish their work.”

You can read Hollie’s essay by following this link

By Ross Clark
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