Social Work student uses social media to thank and support others

Tue, 21 Apr 2020 16:19:00 BST
David's drawings have proved popular on social media
David's drawings have proved popular on social media

A GCU student has been doing his bit during lockdown to help lift spirits across social media.

Social Work student David Alfred Grimm has been using his role as the University’s Care-Experienced Officer and talent as a “doodler” to help students realise they’re not alone and provide a voice for frontline workers.

He has also posted videos and poetry online to support people’s mental health during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

David, who’s in his first year at GCU, explained why he wanted to play his part. He said: “I feel like I’m not actually doing much between lockdown and being away from university just now.

This is basically my way of saying thank you to all the students out there on the frontline and to try and keep spirits up - because obviously it’s too easy for those of us at home to be down in the dumps just now.”

David added: “There are a lot of students who are living by themselves and life can be tough in isolation.

It’s easy to think people have stopped thinking about you; however I want everyone to remember that they do have loved ones who really care about them and will be there after all this is over.”

As well as his desire to support others, David’s passion for drawing has also come to the forefront during lockdown – with one of his pictures being viewed more than 9,000 times across Twitter.

He explained: “It’s important to try and express yourself in different ways and I’ve always liked to draw.

I shared the pictures on Twitter because it obviously has a far reach and I wanted as many nursing and social care staff as possible to know that we’re thinking about them and thankful for all they are doing.”

You can see David’s videos and more of his pictures here

By Ross Clark
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