GCU student showcases impressive art and animation work through online videos 

Thu, 01 Jul 2021 16:19:00 BST
(Pictured above) Student Georgi Slavov creating a character live on a video stream
(Pictured above) Student Georgi Slavov creating a character live on a video stream

A GCU student has been showcasing his creative talents through his YouTube channel - sharing tutorials of his 3D animation and character designs.  

Fourth year Computer Games (Art & Animation) and soon-to-be graduate student GeorgiSlavov decided to create a YouTube channel, where he could feature his design work in the form of video tutorials.   

Looking to add to his portfolio, Georgi used his videos as a way of showcasing his work and the processes behind developing it. He said: “I’ve had a YouTube channel for years now and it's a platform where I share different animations, speed paints or workflow videos that I've done.   
The most recent videos of mine are sped up sessions of my livestream, showing the process of creating a 3D game-ready character model. I've been streaming since mid-May 2021, so I'm still quite new and getting used to it, but it definitely has its positives.”  
Creating his tutorials allows Georgi to share the work that goes on behind each character design and engage with like-minded artists. He said: “The reason why I started doing it was because I wanted to boost up my portfolio so I have a bigger chance of getting noticed and hired when looking for jobs.  I decided that since I would've been doing this work on my own at my desk, then I might as well start streaming and share the process with my viewers and meet new people and build a community.”  
He added: “If anything, because I want my viewers to see the effort I put into my work and into the stream, it gave me more ideas for side-projects and I recently created my Stream Mascott. If I didn't start streaming, then that character wouldn't have existed.”  

Despite feeling strange about appearing on screen, Georgi became comfortable as he created more videos. He said: “At first it was kind of weird being on camera and talking with people, especially because of the fact that I'm not used to hearing my voice once I replay the videos. However, you get used to it with each session and now I'm getting more and more comfortable and enjoy having a chat with people.   

One thing I noticed is also that you become more productive when you stream yourself doing your work. You know that you've dedicated 3-5 hours a day into developing this project, which you might have been postponing forever if you didn't have the stream schedule.”  

He added: “Since I recently came off furlough and need to return to my normal job, I need to sort my stream schedule as well. I want to continue my work and keep on connecting with my viewers and make relationships.”  
Since creating his videos, Georgi is hoping to inspire other creatives by sharing his work and the process behind creating it. He said: “With streaming I hope to build a community of my viewers, other streamers and also advertise my work. By creating videos of my work, I can share my content in other platforms and have a wider audience. I think you can only benefit from sharing your work, especially if you are a creative person.  

He added: “There's so many people out there that might get inspired by what you do and you might change their life by being yourself and showing what you can do. If people consider creating videos or livestreaming, I would advise them to do it only if they feel ready to and if they have the time to do it. Remember to prioritise your responsibilities, but also know that there isn't a proper way of doing something.  

One live streamer that I follow just said ‘If you want to stream, just do it. There's no perfect time’. We live in the present and stuff won't happen on its own unless you pick yourself up and dedicate the energy, time and put in the effort. Remember to not take things too seriously though and have fun while doing it.”  


You can keep up to date with Georgi’s work on Art Station,  Twitch, Instagram and Twitter 


By Rachael McAlonan   
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