GCU students collaborate on virtual racing series

Wed, 23 Sep 2020 16:19:00 BST
(Left to right) Ian Mackie, Cameron Dempster, Cameron Mackie and Suzie Kennedy
(Left to right) Ian Mackie, Cameron Dempster, Cameron Mackie and Suzie Kennedy

A team of students have come together to host a virtual racing series - a live gaming race event which involved six other Scottish universities.

Student Association’s GCU Racing Society members Ian Mackie, Cameron Mackie, Cameron Dempster and GCU Marketing Society member Suzie Kennedy used their common interest of motorsport racing to work together on the Scottish University Racing Series – which has involved universities from both Scotland and England.

Recent Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering graduate Ian Mackie decided to host the series to create something enjoyable for other racing fans at GCU to take part in. He said: “Being a founding member of GCU’s Formula Student team, I knew that there were a few keen racers in GCU Racing and thought: why not host a virtual racing series over the summer months and invite the other Scottish Universities who take part in Formula Student to compete.

Growing from a small one-off racing weekend to the current seven-weekend format, the cracking commentary and a good group of racing drivers, both real and virtual, has made the series immensely fun.”

Recent Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering graduate Cameron Dempster, who acted as a commentator for the racing series, believes that the collaboration between universities has been worked really well for the series. He said: “I feel the collaboration with the other universities in Scotland, as well as Sheffield University, has been a success and hopefully it will allow GCU Racing to be able to work closer with the other universities in future.

To any new students who are motorsport fans, I would highly recommend getting involved with this society. I’ve made many friends within GCU and in other universities because of the events hosted by GCU.”

Marketing student Suzie Kennedy, whose role involved being the marketing advisor for the racing series, has found the collaboration between societies to be highly beneficial. She said: “As an individual who grew up with an invested interested in motorsport, it made sense that I would be interested in what GCU Racing were doing and getting involved myself and utilising the skills I had to help and assist.

During such a difficult time where societies will have many challenges this year, collaboration could be a vital tool to keep students engaged and bring fresh ideas to the table.”

She added: “It also provides new networking opportunities and a chance to build relationships with other students across the university.

Scottish University Racing Series has created an environment where new firm friendships have been built during the lockdown period, even without meeting in person and many talk to one another nearly every day.
It’s a great example of how common interests and good people that come together can build community, even in times of crisis.”

You can watch the final of the Scottish University Racing Series on Saturday 26th of September at 2.15pm


By Rachael McAlonan

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