Student hits the road (and Munros) to help support cancer patients

Thu, 15 Jul 2021 16:19:00 BST
It was a team effort for the final leg of Fiona's journey in raising money for Maggie's
It was a team effort for the final leg of Fiona's journey in raising money for Maggie's

A GCU student has ran 100 miles over the course of June in a bid to raise funds for a cancer charity. 

Second year Radiotherapy and Oncology student, Fiona Terry had been inspired by Maggies, after hearing all about their good work from patients in her previous job with Beatson 

Recently, while scrolling through Facebook, Fiona noticed Maggie’s were promoting a fundraising challenge, which encouraged individuals to run 100 miles over 30 days in June.  

She said: “I knew I had to get involved. I had witnessed the huge impact they had on cancer patients but they also do a lot of work in supporting families and looking after people who are helping those that are suffering. You could really see the difference it made to everyone having that bit of support. 

I felt this would be a good way to raise some money and awareness for such a worthwhile cause. I love exercise anyway, so it made sense to combine both.” 

Already a keen runner and gym user, Fiona recently discovered her passion for ‘Munro Bagging’ and plans to climb all 282 by the time she graduates in 2023.  

While looking to benefit others with her generosity in raising money for Maggies, Fiona also found that the challenge provided plenty of positives on a personal level – despite some hurdles along the way.  

She explained: “I was working 12 hour shifts in a covid vaccine clinic, so it wasn’t easy to plan. I’d sometimes go to the gym and do between six and ten miles on the treadmill to build things up.  

The whole thing was probably more mentally challenging, rather than physically challenging. I think the idea of doing 100 miles was a bit daunting because about halfway through I hit a brick wall and felt like I was struggling. My partner was really supportive though, and came out with me. At one point he was pretty much dragging me to go out a run!” 

Fiona added: “I included some of my hikes in my total mileage because we do a lot of trail running during them - quite often we would climb the mountain and then run down. 

I actually finished five days early on the 25th of June. The final mile was completed at the top of Ben More. It wasn’t the easiest because we had the dog with us but we thankfully managed! 

After powering through thanks to a little help from her partner and man’s best friend, Fiona’s efforts were rewarded by raising a total of £150 for Maggie’s.  

She said: “I feel like it’s been really worthwhile because all the proceeds went to Maggies and it’ll help benefit a lot of people.  

I had fun doing it and it was a good sense of achievement more than anything else. I feel quite proud that I’ve managed to raise £150 because it was £150 that they didn’t have before.” 


By Ross Clark   
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