News spreads fast thanks to new marketing student initiative

Thu, 25 Nov 2021 16:19:00 GMT
Elroy was delighted to finally meet the other students in person after working together online
Elroy was delighted to finally meet the other students in person after working together online

A group of GCU students have joined forces to create their own newsletter - helping them keep students up to date, while also benefitting their personal career prospects. 

Five marketing students teamed up mid-pandemic to help share the biggest stories from around the world after their lecturer helped provide the initial spark for the idea. 

Second year student Elroy Elvie said: “Originally it was Elaine Ritch who spoke about it! It was something she had in mind and wanted to put together but she very much left us to our own devices with it. At the time, I was a bit apprehensive but decided to give it a go. A year later and we’re still going! 

There are five of us on the team and we’ve broken it into different sections. Libby focuses on news, Ciara does current events, Ryan does a music section and I cover ‘weird and wonderful’- which is basically things that are sort of ‘out there’.  

We work together on Microsoft Teams and collaborate on what would be good stories to cover. From there we spend a few late nights putting it all together with the help of Anthony, who works on the design and format of the newsletter. 

Once the dedicated students have worked tirelessly to pull everything together, their work is shared monthly via GCU Learn. Despite the demands alongside coursework and other commitments, Elroy insists that they all reap the rewards for their efforts. 

He explained: We like to focus on stories within the marketing sphere, so that the people who are going to be reading it are interested. We really want it to grab the attention of students and those that are doing marketing and business. Obviously over the last couple of months the spotlight has been on Glasgow but the newsletter will just follow wherever that spotlight goes next. 

Elroy added: “We want to try and capture the attention of everyone. Previously, one of the departments at GCU got hold of our work and then redistributed it to a few colleges throughout Glasgow that have their own business centres. I’m not sure if that’s still happening but it was really rewarding to know that our work was recognised by other people. 

It’s been a challenging start to life at GCU for Elroy and many other students who stepped into higher education during the pandemic. With the world around us beginning to return to normal, Elroy wants to make the most of his time at University – both academically and personally. 

He said: “I was keen to get involved in the newsletter because I’m a mature student and I wanted to get the best out my University experience. Previous students always say to get involved in as much as possible and I’ve heard of quite a few people regretting not doing more during their time studying 

It’s been nice finally being able to meet the others I’ve been working with in person. I’m well aware that the newsletter is a great thing for my CV, but it’s also brilliant for socialising.  

Another benefit is that the information I digest as a result of being involved means I have more knowledge to put back into my course, which is absolutely invaluable. 


By Ross Clark      
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