Dietetics Society get taste of STAR Awards success

Fri, 28 May 2021 16:19:00 BST
The society also looks to be in safe hands for the future
The society also looks to be in safe hands for the future

GCU Dietetics Society have been commended by GCU Students’ Association for their work in creating an e-cookbook focusing on sustainable recipe ideas. 

The group of passionate students were recognised with the Ethical and Environmental Award at this year’s STAR Awards. This latest achievement caps off an excellent year for the society who have received numerous plaudits for the work around their successful Sustainable Food ABC campaign 

Current society president, Douglas Livingston and fellow third year student, Elaine Penman explained how delighted they were with all their effort finally paying off.  

He said: “It felt like a long-time coming because we had accomplished a really worthwhile project with Sustainable Food ABC and the e-cookbook. There’s been a lot of pride shown in us by dietetics staff members and we also got a great reception from our governing body, the British Dietetic Association. 

It reflects on all the hard work the team did in contributing to everything that went into it – I’m just really pleased for everyone involved.” 

Elaine added: “I think this has been a landmark project really. We’ve had a lot of social gatherings which have been of benefit to the dietetics students but this has elevated the society and helped raise awareness of our work across the University, which is great. 

It’s really from September 2019 that we first had the idea of the Sustainable Food ABC project and it’s great to finally get to the end of C, with the cookbook. We had literally just released the request for recipes when lockdown happened, so I’m really proud that the team worked with one another via Microsoft Teams to pull it all together.  

Elaine also admitted that the society’s achievements would not have been possible without the valued experience of others.  

She explained: ”It’s been hugely beneficial having the support of Louise Symington, The Sustainable Dietician, who came along to meetings and provided mentoring for students as well.  
We also couldn’t really do these activities without the support of staff and the GCU Student’s Association. We know they’re a really good sounding board and we can approach them with any questions we have. 

Intent on not resting on their laurels, Douglas is now preparing to hand over the reins to a new president and believes the society is being left in safe hands to help build on the recent success. 

He explained: “It’s been absolutely fantastic because it was originally me, Elaine and another student who filled the roles in the committee and we’ve really grown since then. 

I’m now going to be taking a step back but will still be helping the society in an advisory role. The new president and finance secretary have some great ideas around events and projects, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’re going to announce in future. 
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By Ross Clark 
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