Digital Design students help local organisations affected by COVID-19

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 16:19:00 GMT
The team of students designed signage, menus, social media and business logos for Launch Coffee
The team of students designed signage, menus, social media and business logos for Launch Coffee

Digital Design students have been working with local social enterprise groups to help tackle the effects of COVID-19.

4th year Digital Designs students have been partnered with some local enterprise groups to develop a design project, as part of their Design For Change module. The aim of the project focused on supporting local organisations that have been affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, by helping to create digital content such as social media campaigns, website copy, business logos and signage.

Students have had the opportunity to work with groups such as Lingo Flamingo, Wise women, Govanhill Baths, Giraffe Healthcare, Glasgow Eco Trust, Launch Foods, and Impact Arts.

4th year Digital Design student Stephen Cooper worked with Launch Foods – a charity who provides meals to kids after school and during school holidays. He said: “We worked closely with Craig from Launch Foods to provide designs for his charity and his café that will be opening on Bothwell Street soon.

We were tasked with designing assets that would help launch the promotion of Launch foods and Launch Coffee, as well as the good that they are doing in and around Glasgow. We designed assets such as logos, coffee cups, menu’s social media Posts, window graphics, etc. Ultimately, we wanted to spread the word of Launch Foods.”

He added: “We designed a campaign called #DoingGoodTastesGood with the double meaning suggesting that your coffee tastes good, but it also tastes better because you know your purchase has provided meals for children who needed it!

Launch already has a brand identity, we didn’t want to change that all too much but instead expand upon that and see how we could use our combined efforts as a team to improve what they have.”

Stephen and his team were very motivated by the positive attitude of Launch Foods, despite the problems caused by the pandemic. He said: “Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 but the harsh reality is that due to these events, great organisations like Launch Foods have struggled massively.

It was fantastic meeting with Craig (founder of Launch Foods) and discussing his push backs while also seeing that the motivation is still so strong. Working on a project that has so much involvement with an ongoing situation that has affected organisations like Launch Foods motivated us because of the importance to hopefully make that tiny bit of a difference.”

He added: “Taking part in this module was a great experience for the whole team and has allowed us to develop our skills working with clients. It also allowed for that little bit more of social interaction than a solo project would have, which is important during this time when we spend most time at home.

We would urge people to get involved with Launch Foods in any way that they can, even if that’s visiting the website and familiarizing yourself with such a great organisation!”

Craig Johnson, founder of Launch Foods, was delighted with the work of the students. He said: “The future looks bright for these guys. Given what Launch Foods does every day it can be overwhelming given the task we face. Knowing there are a young, enthusiastic and talented bunch in the city offering their support gives me hope.

I look forward to inviting the guys to the opening of Launch Coffee and perhaps they will feel engaged enough to continue to support be in in volunteering or just spreading the word about the work Launch does.”

Find out more about Launch Foods on their website

By Rachael McAlonan

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