GCU Law Clinic students create engaging COP26 content as part of student-led blog

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 16:19:00 GMT
3rd year LLB Law student Emily Ward has been impressed with the content created so far
3rd year LLB Law student Emily Ward has been impressed with the content created so far

Students in the GCU Law Clinic have been testing their creative skills by producing COP26 related content for their blog and social media pages, such as videos and audio pieces. 

To help their audiences keep up to date with COP26 activity, the students have been working as part of the Projects Team to create engaging content for the GCU Law Clinic social media and the Law Clinic Blog. 

Working as Project Manager of the GCU Law Clinic3rd year LLB Law student Emily Ward has been responsible for overseeing the students and has been very impressed with their work so far. She said: “I’ve been getting our Law Clinic volunteers to create a little COP26 intro blog. With our volunteers, we want to try and ease them in and not scare them away so firstly I just asked them to go and find something that they would like to cover around COP26 which could be used for some blog posts.  

The following week, I asked them to create a blog but with a different format which was more unusual, like an audio or video blog. What they ended up creating was absolutely incredible, and I really like the idea of creating these types of content because it’s not what you would ordinarily expect with an academic blog.  

Usually, people expect to see written pieces but using these different types of content is really engaging. It’s great having that alternative style of engaging our audiences. 

Emily believes that COP26 is a very important event for Law students. She said: “It’s very unusual and exciting being a Law student during a large event like COP26! It’s something that we’re all going to look back at in years to come, and our kids will say ‘Wow, you were there during COP26’ 

As Law students, its especially interesting to witness what policies will be decided because each one will have a legal basis which highlights how important and big this event really is. 

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By Rachael McAlonan 
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