GCU Common Good Champions: Nagineh Azar, Glasgow Afghan United

Tue, 02 Mar 2021 16:19:00 GMT
(Pictured left to right) Nagineh Azar and Glasgow Afghan United logo
(Pictured left to right) Nagineh Azar and Glasgow Afghan United logo

As the University of the Common Good, one of GCU’s key missions is to make a positive difference to our local communities. 
Our students are encouraged to demonstrate our Common Good attributes (Integrity, Creativity, Responsibility and Confidence) through participating in extra-curricular activities and engaging in work which aligns with our Common Good mission. 

Second year Construction Management student Nagineh Azar has been recognised for the work she does with local group Glasgow Afghan Uniteda support network which brings together woman from Afghan communities and ethnic minority groups in Glasgow 

Nagineh has been working as a project co-ordinator since 2018 and has been involved in various projects organised by the group such as online English classes, digital workshops and wellbeing support. She said: “I have been working at Glasgow Afghan United since December 2018, when we launched the Women Empowerment Project. 

I have helped with the digital coordination of the Chinese New Year 2021 online event, supported by Glasgow City Council and NghomesI was also the co-host of Glasgow Afghan United’s Burns and Rumi Night which took place earlier in the year.” 

She added: “I am currently also the vice chair of the Built Environment society which is fairly new. Within this we have started a podcast with the help of Dr Michael Tong, and this will hopefully be on the GCU website soon.” 

Nagineh is aware of the importance of taking part in extra-curricular activities whilst studying at university. She said: “Extra-curricular activities help us meet more people and network, and it also helps to develop and work on the skills we currently have as well as new ones. 

 We are able to then use the skills and the knowledge we have gained from university and other activities in different contexts, such are work placements and work after university.” 

She added: “I think it is important to also note that taking part in extra-curricular activities can help you learn more about yourself and make you more aware of what you want in life, what you enjoy and what you love about yourself. 

Find out more about GCU’s Common Good on the GCU website 


By Rachael McAlonan 
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