Caledonian Islamic Society host week-long event series to raise money for charity

Thu, 10 Dec 2020 16:19:00 GMT
CISA held 6 different events to raise money during Charity Week
CISA held 6 different events to raise money during Charity Week

The Caledonian Islamic Society Association (CISA) have recently taken part in Charity Week; an international unity project that brings people together across the world to fundraise for orphans and children worldwide.

CISA, who are a part of the Student Association at GCU, decided to fundraise by hosting a series of events in collaboration with Glasgow University, West of Scotland University and Strathclyde University. The teams worked together to organise events such as a ‘5k Challenge’, ‘Call-a-Cupcake’, ‘Scotland’s Inter-Society Auction Night’, ‘Brothers Gaming Night’, ‘Sisters Fusion Night’ and ‘Selection Boxes Bake Sale’.
We spoke to members of CISA to find out about what Charity Week means to them.

Why Did CISA decide to hold these events as part of Charity Week?:

President Monisah: “CISA is all about giving back. Every year we take part in the global campaign in hope to help those who need it most. Charity is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and this campaign is an amazing way to get our GCU students united for a good cause.

Especially this year with the pandemic, we wanted to make it known that you can still have a good time and take part in your favourite events and campaigns, even with restrictions and from the ease of your own homes with a little dedication and creativity.”

How many events did the group take part in all together?:

President Monisah: "We had our staple bake sale, held every year on GCU campus but this time we didn't take it to George Moore - we took it to everyone's houses! ‘Call A Cupcake’ was our first ever mobile bake sale allowing us to raise over £1000 in just one day.

Our Brothers and Sisters Virtual Nights consisted of the members of CISA having their own events over zoom calls, socialising, getting to know each other and having a good time.

The Islamic Societies of Glasgow united together to host the main event of the year; our auction in which involved students from all over the UK. One of our cakes was sold for over £6000 and a laptop desk went for over £400. It showed huge amounts of unity and dedication for such an amazing cause.”

Head Brother Aadam: "One of the Charity Week challenges was a 5k challenge while raising money for different projects in education, healthcare and emergency projects around the world. Originally the challenge was to do it for one day, but I took it a step further by running 5km for 10 days non-stop."

Why is it important to get involved in things like Charity Week?

Head Sister Nurin: "Just as everybody else, we also have to catch up with the coursework deadlines and academics assessment. But the seemingly little efforts and time we sacrificed for these fundraising events could make a literal life-changing difference for the needy people.

One of this year’s fundraising projects include the ‘Heart Surgery for Refugee Children’ in Syria and Lebanon- that, was something I kept at the back of my head."

General Secretary Ayah: "Getting involved in things like Charity Week helps the community come together and work towards a very important cause. It allows us to put our differences aside and help the orphans of the world who need our help to receive the things we take for granted every day.

It is an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and have fun by challenging yourself with different activities, whilst working on team building and communication skills”

To find out more about the Caledonian Islamic Society, check out their Facebook page

By Rachael McAlonan

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