First weekend away for Christian Union in two years

Thu, 18 Nov 2021 20:19:00 GMT
Group of GCU Christian Union students at Gowanbank in Ayrshire
Group of GCU Christian Union students at Gowanbank in Ayrshire

It’s been one thing for our students being back on campus seeing classmates, but GCU’s Christian Union were thrilled to pack their bags for a trip to Gowanbank SU house in Darvel for the weekend.

After a lengthy time studying from home with no trips or socials on the horizon, the GCU Christian Union enjoyed a study break on their first team getaway since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Third year Optometry student Beth Murdoch shared her experience of taking time away to relax and socialise with the group. She said;
“It was such a good opportunity to get to know people.

We had a Ceilidh, some karaoke and played Caley Rounders – which is like a tradition for us.

We play it a bit different - it basically involves an orange and a can of any fizzy juice.”

Beth talked about the new society members in first year who took this trip as a chance to get to know new friends for their time ahead at university. She said;

“There was a couple of people who the rest of the team had never met before which was so encouraging.

It’s very brave I think to come along to something like this where you don’t really know people very well.”

Joining a society or club at university may be daunting for some, but Beth explained the joy of being part of a group of students who all share a common passion. She said;

“It’s so special to be part of the Christian Union on campus- to feel like you’re not the only one in your class.

Sometimes you’re sitting there feeling like nobody feels how you do – so it’s really special to be able to be friends with such lovely people who have such a passion for the gospel.”

She added; “And, I love the opportunity to meet together regularly.

The point of our society is to give other students an opportunity to hear the gospel so it’s so special to be able to actually do that.”

Beth also spoke about how important it is for students to make time to get away and socialise with friends whilst at university. She said;

“It’s been a real challenge for people being alone and perhaps working in their bedrooms for a full year so I think getting back out there and getting back to more normal times is really important for people’s mental health.

I think it gives you a bit of a release from studying as well.

For us it’s so important to actually be friends with the people in your society and get to know each other better.

We wouldn’t be able to share the gospel or run events if we weren’t such good friends – a group of strangers just doesn’t work as well.”

She added; “We are a group of people who probably wouldn’t naturally come together – we don’t really have anything else in common.

So, I suppose it’s like any or other group or sport team, if you want to do better it helps if you’re actually friends with and love the people you’re doing it with.

Having a weekend away and getting that time to stay up till three in the morning chatting or whatever – it makes such a difference”.
Find out more about the GCU Christian Union and how you can get involved here.


By Rebecca Meechan

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