Big screen debut for masters comedian

Wed, 02 Sep 2020 16:19:00 BST
Chrissy will be performing at the Craigpark Masters next May
Chrissy will be performing at the Craigpark Masters next May

GCU’s very own comedian Chrissy Ross is gearing up for a hometown show in 2021 – which will lead to him releasing his first DVD.

The MSc International and Events Management student will be performing at The Craigpark Masters in Dennistoun on Saturday, May 8.

Chrissy explained why he chose the venue and gave a bit of detail around what the audience are in store for.

He said: “The reason I’m doing it there is because it’s my home town and where I started off. I wanted a comedy club feel to it and didn’t want a big theatre. I wanted something that would show off what a real comedy show is like and allow that connection with the audience.

Those attending on the night can expect mad crazy tales about growing up in the east-end of Glasgow – it’ll be all about my twenties.

The last show I did had a really serious under-tone to it regarding male pride and masculinity but this is just crazy stories about me having fun and making lots of mistakes and how I’ve learnt from those errors of judgement.”

It’ll be a case of ‘lights, camera, action!’ for Chrissy on the night but he insists there will be no added pressure on him.

He explained: “The guy that’s recording the DVD, has been making videos for a good while and is pretty well known through Facebook with his “Dazza- does it fry?” page

He’s teaming up with his friends Omar and Daniel, who study video production and have already produced a number of shows for the comedy circuit. It also really helps that he gets what comedy is and will know what to keep in and take out.”

Chrissy added: “I don’t think demand will be absolutely huge but even if I sell a few hundred, I’ll be happy. We’re also putting out a digital release so I think that might actually get a good bit more traction through the likes of Youtube or whatever we choose.

I’ve always wanted to get a show recorded and get it out there – so now is my big chance!”

You can get tickets for Chrissy’s show here and also keep up with the latest updates on his Twitter

By Ross Clark
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