Physiotherapy student receives plaudits for going above and beyond

Fri, 27 Mar 2020 16:19:00 GMT
BSc Physiotherapy Hons student Chris Milligan
BSc Physiotherapy Hons student Chris Milligan

A GCU Physiotherapy student has received a double dose of recognition for his career journey and willingness to help others.

Third year student Chris Milligan was awarded the “Above and Beyond” prize at the recent Physiotherapy 2020 Charity Ball for his volunteering work during his time at GCU. His success was also recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP), who completed a feature interview with the former youth worker and hospital befriender.

Chris, who during his time at GCU has coordinated sports days, worked as a peer tutor and taken on the role of vice-secretary with the society, explained why he was keen to share his story with others.

He said: “I’ve had quite a long journey from school to university, so to have the opportunity as a mature student and to show there’s no wrong career path meant a lot to me.

I’ve not done anything special, I’ve just always been really keen to help people. Nevertheless, the whole experience of doing the interview does make you sit back and think about how far you have actually come.”

Chris also spoke of his work supporting others and bringing together cohorts throughout his three years here at the University.

He said: “It’s really important to let students know that there is someone here that’s been through what they’re going through.

We’ve seen with the current situation how important the NHS is and a large part of that is the community aspect within it - so it’s crucial we get that going at GCU before everyone moves out into the world of work.”

BSc Physiotherapy Hons programme lead David Hegarty, explained why Chris is more than deserving of his recent recognition.

He said: “Chris has undoubtedly taken the Common Good ethos of GCU to heart - he is an exemplary student who is diligent and hardworking.

I think the best compliment I can say of him is that his friends and peers are equally complimentary of him whether he is in the room or not.”

You can read Chris’s interview with the CSP here

By Ross Clark

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