Social Sciences students awarded Carnegie Vacation Scholarship to fund research projects

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 16:19:00 BST
(Pictured left to right) Social Sciences students Amy Lawrence & Anni Taitto
(Pictured left to right) Social Sciences students Amy Lawrence & Anni Taitto

TwGCU students have been awarded the Carnegie Vacation Scholarship – a financial grant which allows students to pursue a research project. 

Social Sciences students Amy Lawrence and Anni Taitto were both awarded the scholarship and will now receive a stipend each week to help fund their research.

The Carnegie Vacation Scholarship, a scheme offered to undergraduate students in Scotland, aims to encourage students to develop their independent research skills. The scholarship enables them to learn how to manage a research project and prepare for postgraduate study; with the results often being published in academic journals.

Anni Taitto’s research will be focused on the impacts of deprivation and Covid-19 pandemic on access to university education in Scotland. Anni was delighted to have been chosen as a recipient of the award. She said: “I decided I wanted to apply for the Scholarship immediately when I heard of it because a career in research was something I had been thinking of for a while.

However, I submitted my application quite late to the game. I got a more specific idea for my research only when the second term had started and I was inspired by the work placement module I was doing for SPIRU (Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit).”

She added: “It feels amazing to have been given an opportunity like this, and when I first found out my proposal had been accepted I thought it was a mistake and I couldn’t believe it.”

Amy Lawrence’s research project will focus on investigating the expansion of the Early Learning Care (ELC) Scheme on local authority nurseries in Glasgow. She explained that she feels excited to have been accepted to such a highly regarded scholarship and feels it will beneficial for her future studies. She said: “I applied for this scholarship as I believe it is a great opportunity to carry out research on an area that I am passionate about.

It is a well-recognised award that provides support for the likes of myself to actively pursue research, whilst allowing me to gain experience in managing a research project.”

She added: “I am thrilled that I have been offered this opportunity and I am excited to begin. Carrying out this independent study will be useful in giving me a taste of what it will be like in my final year, and will be beneficial to carry on into my further education.

Both Anni and Amy highly recommend applying to the Carnegie Vacation Scholarship to other students. Anni said: “I would encourage other students to apply for the Scholarship if they would like to get some experience in working in research, or if they have a topic they are passionate about and would like to study further.

The Scholarship is a great opportunity to develop your research skills whilst being supported before doing your dissertation in the final year of your studies as well.”

Amy believes it is an excellent opportunity for students interested in research. She said: “This scholarship is beneficial to those who are passionate about an area of interest that they wish to develop. Having the monetary support available allows this opportunity to become more easily accessible.

It is a great achievement and brings a lot of pride and credibility towards your general passions and career goals.”

Find out more about the Carnegie Vacation Fund on The Carnegie Trust website


By Rachael McAlonan

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