New Built Environment Society create industry podcast series

Wed, 17 Mar 2021 16:19:00 GMT
(Pictured above) GCU Built Environment Society logo
(Pictured above) GCU Built Environment Society logo

The new GCU Built Environment Society have started their own podcast series - featuring discussions with industry professionals and recent graduates.

The GCU Built Environment Society, which has been recently formed at the start of the trimester, has been developed by students to create a space to discuss ideas and interact with professional figures within the industry.

Second year Construction Management student and Vice-Chairperson of the Society Nagineh Azar explained the idea behind starting the society. She said: “The society took a little while to get going but the idea for it was to essentially create a place for students across the Built Environment department (within construction and surveying professions) to meet and share ideas.

The industry relies on good collaboration across the board in every project. Understanding the parts that everyone plays will hopefully help us grasp a better understanding of construction. Where better to begin than here at GCU?”

Third year Building Surveying student and Chairperson of the Built Environment Society Aiden Cameron is the Co-Host for the new podcast alongside Nagineh Azar. He said: “The podcast came from that idea of wanting to know and find out about the people in construction.

In talks between members of the committee and lecturers, it kind of emerged that a podcast was a great format that we could use whilst at home to still connect. It is about exploring the opportunities within the Built Environment and hearing what our guests think.”

He added: “To start with, the podcast will be some quick interviews going through topics such as, what the guest’s favourite part is about their roles, top tips on what graduates can do to stand out to employers, all the way to what they think the future holds and how to overcome challenges.

The idea is to have as broad a perspective as possible, from recent graduates to prominent industry experts. We want to help listeners connect with their stories and offer ideas as to where the Built Environment can take them.

It’s all quite new to us. Once we get over the nerves and get it up and running, we can hopefully begin some more theme-based shows.”

Keep up to date with the GCU Built Environment Society on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

By Rachael McAlonan

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